I grew up on Long Island in the state of New York, where I found peace and inspiration exploring the bays and inlets, woodlands and marshes. 


After receiving a BFA in Advertising Design I began my career in graphic design at a New York advertising agency. In the early 1990s I relocated to Boulder, Colorado and began a journey with the element of metal. It has always fascinated me in a way not unlike paper. It can be formed, textured, colored and adorned with the earth’s gift of stones.


To further my education in silversmithing I began taking classes in Taos, NM, and at Front Range Community College, where I was honored to be awarded a student scholarship to attend the Colorado Metalsmithing Associations’ (CoMA) Annual Conference in Salida. I continue to explore and learn new techniques through continuing education offerings at the Boulder Metalsmithing Association (BOMA).

I am inspired by the color and texture of the smallest leaf, the pattern of a bee's wing, and the sweet song of a meadowlark on a morning walk. Even a stone vibrates it’s own song.  

Take the path less traveled.
Be well and kind.
Never stop learning and exploring.

– L