Growing up in Long Island, New York, I found peace and inspiration in the bays and inlets, woodlands and marshes. 


After receiving a BFA in Advertising Design I began my career at a New York advertising agency. In the early 90s I relocated to Boulder, Colorado and began a journey with the element of metal. It has always fascinated me in a way not unlike paper. It can be formed, textured, colored and adorned with the magical earthly gift of stones!


To further my education in silversmithing I began taking classes in Taos, NM and at Front Range Community College, where I was honored to be awarded a student scholarship to attend the Colorado Metalsmithing Associations’ (CoMA) Annual Conference in Salida. 


I continue to explore and learn new techniques through continuing education offerings at the Boulder Metalsmithing Association (BOMA).

What inspires me? Nature of course! From the color and texture of the smallest leaf, to the pattern on the wing of a bee, to the song of a meadowlark on a morning walk. Even a stone vibrates it’s own song.  

Take the path less traveled.
Be well and kind.
Never stop learning and exploring.

– L


Boulder, CO 80304  USA

T:   303-579-4840

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