A round petrified Peanut Wood Jasper is set in sterling silver and delicately chased. Two feather petals dangle from its base and accented with brass balls. The back of the pendant reveals the peanut wood with a 1/2" cut out circle! 

Total Length: 4"

Stone: Petrified Peanut Wood 1 1/8"

Metals: Sterling Silver, red brass

Chain: Base metal, Length: 24"
Finish: Oxidized


Known as the “Stone of the Earth,” peanut wood jasper is a survival stone renowned for grounding and stabilizing emotions. A piece of petrified wood is believed to provide strength and support to the wearer by providing insight into cause and effect. It is a stone of success and protection, bringing tranquility and feelings of well-being to its bearer.

Petrified Peanut Wood Jasper Necklace

SKU: LPN-Peanut
  • Sterling Silver
    Gently rub with a soft cloth, Pro Polish Pad or Sunshine Cloth. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your piece looking as good as new. Repeat as needed.