Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado by Linda Parks. Silver, copper and brass metals will tarnish over time. Below are some simple care instructions.

Sterling Silver

Regular wear is the best defense against tarnishing. When not wearing your pieces, clean them with a cotton cloth soaked in diluted dish detergent. Apply mild pressure in one direction, avoid circular motions. You may also gently rub with a Pro Polish Pad, or Sunshine Cloth. 


Oxidized Silver

Follow the same care suggestions as with Sterling Silver. Avoid silver polish or dip-style cleaning solutions, as these will remove the unique look of the oxidation. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner on oxidized silver.


Mixed Metals

These metals naturally tarnish over time. When it comes in contact with any kind of acidity, like sweat, it can turn your skin a greenish hue. Don’t worry this is completely harmless and washes off with soap and water. For light cleaning, soak pieces in diluted dish detergent for several minutes, rinse well, and dry with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. 


Pearls & Opals

Avoid contact with strong chemicals, perfumes, cosmetics, and perspiration. Wash with mild soap and a soft cloth. Rinse well and wrap pearl settings in a thin, damp cotton towel to dry. Pearls and opals need humidity. Avoid excessively dry environments, as this can cause cracking.

Protect your jewelry from chemicals, cosmetics, lotions and perfumes. 

Never swim in a chlorine pool with your jewelry, it can damage natural stones and metals.